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Student Leadership

At St Catherine’s College we have amazing and innovative students who have a strong vision for the development of all areas of their education.  We have a committed Pupil Leadership Committee whose role is to come up with ideas for the future, as well as offer guidance and suggestions on whole school plans. 

Pupil led developments in school have included:

  • Our picnic area facilities, which have been an amazing resource for all of our students to use.
  • The input into the design and style of the new uniform.
  • Shaping our House System
  • Producing pupil friendly e-safety guidelines
  • Development of ‘Mission: Responsible’ – tasking students to be responsible at home and in the community.
  • Revamping our rewards system.

We welcome students from Year 11 to become Pupil Leaders and encourage other year groups to be part of our future pupil leaders programme. This ensures that we always have a good understanding of what our children need in order to achieve and become resilient learners.

Each year we appoint two Head Pupils from Year 11, as well as Deputy Head Pupils, plus 12 Pupil Leaders. Our process for appointing to these roles is transparent, as well as, democratic and combines the views of both students and staff.  

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