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Our Learning 

“Teachers use their secure subject knowledge to plan interesting lessons to engage and challenge pupils to learn and remember more.” 

- Ofsted Inspection, November 2019

 Providing all of our students with the highest quality learning opportunities is at the heart of what we do at St Catherine’s College. The teachers at our school are focused on making sure that every student is supported to achieve their God-given potential.

In the majority of subjects, students are grouped into ability sets right from the start. This means that we can personalise our teaching and support each student with their individual learning needs.  For those who need it, we offer additional support, catch-up classes and one-to-one tuition. We also stretch and challenge our more able students.

Success is the result of combining teacher expertise with hard-working children. Ofsted commented that, “During visits to lessons, teachers showed strong subject knowledge and students completed tasks willingly.” As a consequence, our children flourish academically and go on to be highly successful at post-16 and beyond, where they are able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers.

"Teachers have high expectations and help students to achieve well” - External Inspector

“Pupils appreciate the help they are given by their teachers, so they can achieve well in the subjects they study. A pupil spoke for many when they said, ‘I like everything about this school.’” – Ofsted 2019

“Teaching the children at St Catherine’s is a real privilege. My professional development is fully supported so that I can help every child to be successful” – Teacher


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