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English opens the minds of pupils, allowing them to explore ideas, opinions and attitudes, and express their own, which supports the development of morally responsible, empathetic individuals who positively influence their communities.

We enable our students to become enthusiastic and competent life-long learners in English Language and Literature. Students are encouraged to develop a love of, and a strong capability in, reading, writing, speaking and listening to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers.

Through our curriculum, we aim for students to appreciate the application and importance of English Language and Literature in the world today. Students are introduced to a broad range of historically and culturally significant texts to enhance their social and spiritual development and their knowledge of the world around them. For example, we study texts to engage all students from different backgrounds including books that explore key events of the 20th century, football, growing up, relationships and identity. Through these texts, our students are exposed to a rich vocabulary to become confident communicators.

English is an important steppingstone to unlocking prospects. Its foundational skills are highly valued by employers and educators, which are used in all subjects. As students progress through our curriculum, they gain the confidence to develop their world views, as a learner and as a member of their community.

The curriculum includes opportunities to develop hardworking, resilient and creative individuals. Furthermore, our development of the individual – regarding wisdom and knowledge as well as character development – allows our students to think beyond their immediate communities or experiences. Within English, a subject that lends itself to discussing and exploring moral actions, responsibility, care for others and an awareness of disadvantage or mistreatment, we use our curriculum as a springboard to show pupils the importance of making positive choices that extend beyond the classroom.

Please find full details of the curriculum for all year groups below. If you would like further information or have any queries, please get in touch with Miss E Woodbridge, Head of English:

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