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In Drama pupils will explore and use a variety of techniques to create meaning, and will explore the issues and complexities of the world around them, whilst developing empathy and tolerance.

They will develop performance skills, which will help to increase confidence, as well as numerous transferable skills such as teamwork, creativity, self-discipline and perseverance. Drama often places pupils out of their comfort zone encouraging them to take risks and enabling them to grow as resilient individuals.  

Through the review of their own and others’ work, pupils will become reflective and analytical learners who develop their responses to evaluation and feedback and deepen their understanding of what contributes to effective drama. 

Extracurricular opportunities such as the school production, drama clubs and a variety of trips are created to encourage an appreciation and foster a love of live performance. 

If you have any queries, please get in touch with Mrs S Gwynne or Mrs K Farrier, Joint Heads of Drama.

Mrs K Farrier:
Mrs S Gwynne:

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