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Design and Technology

In the Design and Technology Department at St Catherine’s College we seek to develop students’ practical designing and making ability, including creativity in solving real and relevant problems. Studying Design and Technology includes the use of a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding, prompting engagement in a huge variety of activities.

Students will use a wide range of materials, equipment and tools to develop practical, creative and technical expertise. This will allow them to thrive in a world where lateral thinking and solving problems with a practical outcome is of vital importance. This will give them confidence and ambition in their future lives.

Pupils will use a suite of up to date computers to help them to research and design. This includes using computer aided design, which is very relevant to the skills needed in the world of work. They will use two well equipped workshops to develop practical manufacture skills which will enhance their design and manufacturing capability.

We hope to initiate and develop an interest that will allow pupils to combine skills in art, engineering, mathematics, science and computing, and use these to enhance their DT work. We hope this will result in a lifelong interest in innovation and problem solving in their future careers.

Please find full details of the curriculum for all year groups below. If you have any queries, please get in touch with Mr C Sandry, Head of Technology.


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