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Poetry Competiton - winners announced!

We recently ran a Poetry Competition and we are so pleased to announce the winners!

The winners are:

Winner £20 voucher: Harry D 7JMa

Runner up £10 voucher: Daisy C 7DHa

Runner up £10 voucher: Alfie E 7JMu    judged by Miss Elliott


Winner £20 voucher: Joshua P 8SRi

Runner up £10 voucher: Shannon N 8JPa

Runner up £10 voucher: Alfie M 8SHa    judged by Miss Elliott


Winner £20 voucher:  Jessica A 9JCL

Runner up £10 voucher: Jainaba J 9MCl/KFa

Runner up £10 voucher: Amberley C 9RMA/FAS    judged by Mrs Ward


Winner £20 voucher: Gurleen K 10SGW/ESH

Runner up £10 voucher: Jasmine B 10MDA

Runner up £10 voucher: Harry B 10SGW/ESH     judged by Mrs Ward


Winner £20 voucher: Berrie R 11KWA/MHA

Runner up £10 voucher: Ailsa C 11KW/MHA

Runner up £10 voucher: Amber M 11KWA/MHA    judged by Mrs Williams


Congratulations to all students who won a prize and a big thank you to all students who took part!

The winning poems are below, we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!


Year 7 winner: Harry D7JMa 

My School Life 
When I was a one-year old I went to a nursery called Bluebell Hill,  
It was a place to have fun and a place to chill.  
There were lots of games and lots of toys,  
Here I could have fun and make lots of noise.  
My carer was called Carmen and she was very nice,  
Even though my Dad used to moan about the price.   
The I turned four and I went to a real school,  
St Andrews was the next step it was very cool.  
Mrs Meakins was the Head Teacher she was in charge,  
Compared the Bluebell Hill, this school was very large.  
I made new friends I learned lots of new stuff,  
At times I missed Bluebell, because the lessons were tough.  
After three years at St Andrews I moved to Tollgate Junior,  
I was seven years old, and it all seemed so peculiar.  
Mr Dennis was the Headmaster, he was the boss,  
I really did not want to make him cross.  
I missed my SATS and half of the last year,  
Covid 19 had caused lots of fear.  
St Catherine’s was next, and my brother was there too,  
I was eleven years old, and it all seemed so new.  
The teachers are strict, the Headmaster is Mr Behane,  
The lunch breaks are short, just enough time for a sarnie.  
I was just getting to like it then it was lockdown again,  
But two months later we are back to re-engage my brain.  
At this school I have over four more years,  
The there are exams, blood, sweat and tears.  
I want to work hard, I want to be a success,  
I have great teachers to support me through the stress.  
And so I wonder what the future has in store,  
But I know that my schools and my teachers will always be part of my core.   
Year 8 winner: Joshua P 8SRi
The Mountain
Walking, walking, and walking  
The sun’s beams glare into my fatigued eyes,  
Walking, walking, and walking  
The graceful summit seems forever on its rise,  
Walking, walking, and walking  
The cobbled paths repetitively wind and wind  
Walking, walking, and walking  
A feeling of despair engulfs my tired mind. 
Stumbling, stumbling, and stumbling 
My hope soon begins to deteriorate, 
Stumbling, stumbling, and stumbling 
I’m stuck wondering if losing is my fate, 
Stumbling, stumbling, and stumbling 
My weary vision begins to blur and go, 
Stumbling, stumbling, and stumbling 
A feeling of regret engulfs me, oh no. 
Crawling, crawling, and crawling 
My great journey has nearly become fulfilled, 
Crawling, crawling, and crawling 
At last, the stress coursing through my veins has stilled, 
Crawling, crawling, and crawling 
From below I can see the summit smiling at me, 
Crawling, crawling, and crawling 
I had done it! I then looked around in glee. 
Year 9 winner: Jessica Armstrong 9JCL
Kindness and perseverance
Life can be tough,
and sometimes rough.
Perseverance can come true,
and then comes trust too.
Believing takes imagination,
but change creates vacation.
More time to spend,
to lend,
to help,
those people who need it,
more than the wealthy,
make the poor healthy.
Take kindness to another level,
take away the evil devil.
Let the globe of light grow,
until it gets rid of the crows.
Dark, black clouds leave,
and the sun weaves through.
Kindness and perseverance can be true,
even if it takes a couple of brews,
to see the world like one big crew.
See the world in a better place,
several say but never replay.
The words do nothing,
Time to put evil in its place,
and show justice to the world once and for all,
speak up for people who are not allowed power,
and fight for them.
No matter if we are white or black we are all equal,
Black and white are the colours that work well together,
we shall protect each other and fight for the world.
Because no matter who you are,
You Do Matter,
and that's all we believe in,
so stand up, stand up, stand up!
And we will save our country,
Year 10 winner:  Gurleen K 10SGW/ESH
Life works in mysterious ways,  
Sometimes it even abandons me.   
When that happens, there sounds  
A cry for help, a shout of fear,  
Waiting, for a miracle to appear.  
A shaking hand reaches forward,  
Pleading to life  
Like an innocent child,   
But even the empty air turns away,   
So, it rises to fight.   
On my knees to my feet,   
I stand to walk on my own,   
Stumbling with my foreign legs  
I suddenly feel grown.   
Walking through life,   
I learn to trust my step,   
One in front of the other,   
Cautious to pass every test.   
When I stumble again,   
The walls begin to crumble again.   
But this time,   
Someone’s there, with a hand to lend,   
The innocent child looks up,   
At the simple hand  
And a smile so bright,  
Providing strange comfort  
At this strangely simple sight.  
Hand in hand,   
I begin to stand,   
Staring the miracle in the eye,   
Finding strength,   
The desiderium dies,   
My lips lift up,   
Finally facing the sky.   
The warmth of the hand,  
The gentle of the touch,  
An act so small,   
Something that doesn’t take much.  
Now I walk through life,   
With a companion beside me,   
I call it kindness,   
Something that lives inside me.   
I wander, with a smile so bright,   
Waiting to lend a hand at just a sight.  
When you live with kindness,   
Life begins to feel so beautiful,   
So pure, worth living,  
Absolutely wonderful.  
Even the smallest acts,  
Like a simple smile,  
Or a few kind words,  
Can change a person most cynical,   
This unique beauty of kindness  
Is what makes it,   
Nothing short of, A Miracle.   
Year 11 winner: Berrie R 11KWA/MHA 
They drag you down  
A lifeless ghost  
You drift  
You drown  
The voices whisper  
Let go, give up  
Like a chilling warmth  
In your deathly winter  
You pry from their grasp  
You scream  
A song of beauty  
A reviving gasp  
You rise  
A weight has lifted  
You reach for hope  
Feeling alive  
You break  
The surface  
The light  
A clean slate  
You won  
You are strong   
Your life has now begun…  

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