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Covid-19 Testing at St Catherine’s College

Schools are being asked to test students to protect vulnerable people; control the spread of the virus; and to protect NHS capacity. 

St Catherine’s College has been conducting Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing with all staff and children in school since January. The schedule for LFD testing upon return to school is in last week’s newsletter.

We have received a number of questions which we would like to take this opportunity to answer:
• Where do I go? Student Services. Please enter via the Bedewell Car Park.
• What do I do? There are just a few simple stages to remember: write your name on the registration card; blow your nose; sanitise your hands; take a seat; and we do the rest!
• How long does it take? Your time in Student Services will be less than 5 minutes.
• Is it safe? We have staggered everyone’s arrival time. The queue will be socially distanced, with a one-way system and we ask that masks are worn in the corridor.
• Is my data shared? No. All personal details remain in school. We just log the result anonymously on the NHS portal.
• How often are the tests done? Schools have been asked to complete three tests during the first few weeks of school. Home-test kits are then being supplied by the Government.
To support any pupils who may be anxious about the process, we have produced a brief film to show you a walkthrough of the test process – click here to watch. As staff, we normally test ourselves. However, we must add that we found it much easier having Mrs Carden do the swabbing for us. Also, please excuse the mess in the corridor; our excellent site team are busy completing some lockdown refurbishments this week!
Our aim is to try and ensure that the whole school population is supported to be tested. If you still have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year. Thank you to everyone who has given consent for testing; here is the link for anyone who still needs it.
We are very grateful for everyone’s support in sharing the care for our whole community. As the film’s tagline says to the students, ‘We are doing this to keep others safe’.

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