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A poem to help us through these times

Please read this poem from Farah, to help us all through these strange times.


There is fear.

There is isolation.

There is worry.

There is death.


Don’t leave your house.


Keep washing your hands.

It’s all we hear.

There was some panic,

We saw some panic buyers.

Supplies are slowly decreasing,

People fear they’re going to die.


But then we realise,

We can hear the birds again.

There is less pollution in the air.

We care about our loved ones more.


Through this crisis we need to stay healthy.

Do 30 minutes of exercise a day,

Talk to people you trust,

Don’t keep watching the news.


Covid-19 is taking so much from us,

But it’s giving us something special.

The opportunity to come together,

To learn and grow up together.


By Farah

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