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"Homework is not an optional extra, but an essential part of a good education."

At St Catherine's College we value homework because:

  • It helps us to make progress
  • It makes us independent learners
  • It prepares us for new learning experiences
  • It reinforces what we have learnt in lessons
  • It teaches us to be organised and manage our time
  • It helps us keep up to date with deadlines

At St Catherine's College we keep up to date with homework by:

  • Understanding that homework is set to benefit our learning
  • Checking Show My Homework regularly on a computer, phone or tablet
  • Asking for support in or out of lesson when we need it
  • Listening and responding to advice
  • Asking to borrow equipment if we need it
  • Attending homework club or catch up sessions if we can’t complete homework at home

At St Catherine’s College if things aren’t going right with homework we can get support from:

  • Our friends and classmates if we aren’t sure what to do
  • Our parents if we need some help
  • Our class teachers if we don’t understand the work or it is not on Show My Homework
  • Our Heads of Department to find out what out of lesson support is on offer in each subject area
  • Our tutors if we are struggling with time management
  • The SENCO if we have specific learning needs
  • The Pupil Premium Leader if we need support with resources and space
  • Homework Club if we need support with any of the above

Support Available at School

The Library is open after school until 4.15 each day. Mrs Simpson will be there to give any help.

The Library and a computer room (IT5) are open every lunchtime

A computer room (IT3) is open every morning from 8.00 – 8.30 am

Maths catch up takes place in a computer room (IT5) Tues – Fri after school

Science catch up every lunchtime in a computer room (Te2)


Is homework compulsory?

Yes, absolutely. Homework is essential to encourage pupils to work and think independently. Pupils who fail to complete homework significantly underachieve in comparison to pupils who regularly complete homework. To support this, if homework is not completed satisfactorily or not handed in on the correct lesson, detentions will be issued.

How often is homework set?

At Key Stage 3: English, Maths and Science will set homework every week. Other subjects such as Languages, History, Geography, RE, Tech, Art will set once a fortnight. Practical subjects such as Music, Dance, Drama and Computing will set homework when appropriate to the course.

At Key Stage 4:  English, Maths and Science will set homework every week. All other subjects will be set once a fortnight. Some of the homework will be project based and need to be completed over a number of weeks.  

What can you do as a parent to help support your child?

Help your child to organise their time by encouraging them to set aside some time each day for homework. Help them find a suitable quiet space to work in, preferably at a table.

If your child is struggling with homework try to encourage problem solving the issue and remind your child that there is a lot of support at school.  Encourage your child to be proactive and speak to the teacher or email him/her before the homework is due in.

Show My Homework

The homework schedule is published in pupils’ diaries and set on ‘Show my homework’.

Pupils are able to log in to the system using their school email information. (Office365)

Any problems or queries about homework, please email the subject teacher or Head of Department.

Supporting your child

We believe that support from parents and carers is crucial, and we want to work with you to give your child the best education, opportunities and life skills. When we work together, your child benefits. 

However, we know how precious family time is so we’ve put together a few suggestions on how you can support your child’s learning, but still ensure your family share that all important time together. 

Use the ‘Show My Homework’ website/app to help your child keep on top of homework. These tasks are designed to strengthen, extend and challenge your child’s learning.

Read with your child. All research shows that children who read at home, achieve stronger academic results. By spending just ten-fifteen minutes with your child, four times a week, you are helping your child achieve success not just in school, but later in life.  

Sign your child’s diary every week. The diary is an effective tool because It enables you to communicate with us. Your child will receive weekly updates on their attendance data, achievement points and other key information. 

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