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Clubs and Enrichment

At St Catherine’s College we are very proud to promote an extensive range of high quality enrichment activities offered to our pupils. Over this year our aim is to build upon and develop existing and new opportunities, making sure more and more pupils can take part.

As an active member of Sainsbury’s School Games and having achieved the school games Silver kitemark for high levels of commitment to the development of competition across the school, we have an extensive range of sporting activities and clubs.

In September 2016, St Catherine’s College will be launching the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, which is designed to encourage independence and resilience in our young people outside the classroom. Along with this we have also run World Challenge and, for the past six years, Bushcraft.

Within the Arts, St Catherine’s College is committed to celebrating the creative talents our pupils show through Dance, Drama and Music productions throughout the year. Every year our budding artists exhibit work in the Towner Gallery and take part in a host of art related competitions and workshops. The Music Department puts on stunning Christmas and summer concerts, while the Dance and Drama Departments showcase their talents through spectacular productions. This year, we are very excited to have Tabitha Webb (West End musical star) join us for various events. 

Our clubs are wide-ranging and cover all aspects of academic and non-academic subjects, from Science and Literacy clubs to Sports and Arts, the Christian Union and Debating Society.

We offer trips far and wide to places including: Uganda, Gambia, China, USA, Nepal, with regular trips to Belgium, Berlin, France and Italy. Closer to home, we have a trip to Glyndebourne Opera House, to watch Don Giovanni.

Extracurricular Clubs - Term 3


GCSE Art & Photography   8:00am AR2 CB
Art Club All Lunchtime AR2 CB
Samba Band All Lunchtime MU1 DW


GCSE Art & Photography   8:00am AR2 CB
PE GCSE revision       NM, SG & SLB 
Art Club All Lunchtime AR2 CB
GCSE Art & Photography   After School AR2 CB
Harmonix All Lunchtime MU1 DW / SH
Noise Machine All After School MU1 DW / SH
Athletics All     AM, LH and RM


Rounders 9,10 & 11     NM & LW
Girls Football All 3:30pm Field AM
Boys Basketball year 9, 10, 11 3:30pm PE1 LW
Athletics All     AM, LH & WB 
GCSE Art & Photography   8:00am AR2 CB
Art Club All Lunchtime AR2 CB
Art Club All After School AR2 CB
Chess Club All After School LA2 RNB
U.K.E All Lunchtime MU2 DW
St. Catherine's Singers All After School MU2 SH


Rounders Year 7, 8     AM & RM
Athletics All     LW & WB
Cricket Year 8, 9     WD
Stoolball All     MJ
Gymnastics All     SLB & NM
GCSE PE Revision       NM, SG & SLB 
GCSE Art & Photography   8:10am AR2 CB
Art Club All Lunchtime AR2 CB
English Catch up Year 10 3:30PM EN3 ME
Brass Works All Lunchtime MU1  
Stringcredible All Lunchtime MU2 DW
Swing Theory All After School MU2 SH
Food Technology Catch up Year 10, 11 After School TE5 HP


Touch Rugby All     LH / WD
GCSE Art & Photography   8:00am AR2 CB
Art Club All Lunchtime AR2 CB
Board Games All After School HUB RNB
Harmonix All Lunchtime MU1 DW / SH
Pan-a-rama All After School Hall SH

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