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Chaplaincy and Worship 

The Chaplaincy at St Catherine’s College

St Catherine’s College is a Church of England school that welcomes children of all faiths and none. It places God’s children at the heart of everything we do, with an emphasis on teaching the whole person: mind; body; and spirit.

The chaplaincy at St Catherine’s College exists in a busy learning environment and seeks to be relevant in that context. Our Chaplain, Rev’d David Garratt, works to connect the teachings of Christ to pupils' and teachers' lives through school worships, through the different subject areas that are taught, pastoral work and various creative projects.  

The Chapel, where Rev’d David is based, provides a place for quiet reflection should pupils need it. The Chapel door is always open for those who, for a variety of reasons, need to spend time out from the business of their school day to sit peacefully, chat or do some creative activity that helps them in whatever they are going through. 

Rev’d David has a background in Art and Design and often uses this to encourage a creative response from pupils as they explore the bigger questions in life during their time at St Catherine’s College.

Even though we approach our school worships from a Christian perspective, the emphasis is always on encouraging pupils and staff to be questioning and inquisitive. Pupils are also encouraged to lead, take part in and ask questions relating to the school worships and the bigger questions of life.

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